Sex in Duisburg
21 May 2020

Welcome to my Goddess Layer where you will serve and obey my every command. My beauty has captivated you and now you are under my spell. There’s no other place you’d rather be. I enjoy the subservient Sub, Slave, or pets. All betas must know their place and that is to honor and worship a True Ebony Goddess, you’ll never be worthy enough to actually have me So don’t even try it, But you may be lucky enough to be blessed in my presence and get bossed around by a true ebony goddess

I love Games all kinds of games some of the games I specialize in a wide range of Bdsm and kinks that are composed of Dominace and submissive interactions in a D/s dynamic I am always the Dominant I do not Switch

A little fun fact about me is that I’m an escort in Duisburg, so for the Betas that want something a little more get a personalized massage from yours truly!