Going through years, hunting has been developing with the appearance of a series of accessories. A lot of new hunting tools are born with new designs and smarter functions. Hunters also never forget about updating the latest items. When it comes to hunting accessories this year, almost all concerns are put into the best rifle scope 2015 by dint of its luxury and excellence. It can be denied that the rifle scope is developed and upgraded every year on the grounds that the demand of hunters for more functions is increasing. This article will show you what necessary tools in a hunting trip are.

  1. Rifle scope

A rifle scope is an extremely necessary tool in shooting. In the market, there are a number of types of rifle scopes so you need to choose exactly the type suited to your using purpose. If your feel interested in adventurous activities such as hunting or something like shooting, you will have a heavy demand for advanced rifle scopes. There is no principle here but almost all hunters feel so. Understanding this, guns and hunting scope producers have to upgrade their products periodically. Here are some tips for you in terms of choosing a most suitable rifle scope. Continue reading “A HUNTING TRIP NEEDS WHAT?”

What you need to know when hunting a big bear?

Bear is the dangerous animal, that very excite the hunter to look for them in deep jungle. Just imagine when you deal with a violent giant bear, recognize it from far distance and then shoot, that sound so awesome! But hunting bear is an outdoor activity just suit with the strong and brave people. The main illegal rule for this activity, the hunters must own a deer or elk license

The perfect period of time to hunt bear is during all year, but you should avoid the time from October to November, because bear sleep tight in cave to save energy

So how to hunt a bear? There are some tips below may help you to catch the biggest bear

  • The hunter should pay attention at bear behavior:

The bear, especially black bear in Colorado, the moment when you should hunt bear is in September. The most important thing you should know is how bears regularly change in Mid-August? At the moment, bear will have feed frenzy, they eat too much before winter come. The bears also change their diet, they not eat these summer food like plants ( leaves or flowers) or honey moon anymore. They look for chestnuts and various kinds of fruit, which can provide them the high amount of fat and carbohydrates to gain weight and save energy for long frozen winter. In the autumn, bears always spend most of their time to look for enough food and feed continuously. The process occur regularly until winter come. These areas of fruits and chestnut is plentiful and wide, but bear sometimes move away from their place as about 20 miles to go to the lower-habitat to find food Continue reading “What you need to know when hunting a big bear?”

Ice fishing – Tips to catch fish all the long winter

When the winter come in, water frozen, ice cover everywhere, preventing fishermen from catching fish. Some people try to catch fish by dug a few holes on ice, put the hooks though them, unfortunately, it is not a helpful way

The problem can be solved, just follow the small basic ice fishing tips below to fish easier in frozen winter

  • How to catch fish safely in frozen winter?

Ice fishing is the method that the fishermen catch fish though a hole, which thrill on ice of frozen water. You can fish on the frozen water body of a lake, a river or pond. Ice fishing method has changed recently, to use modern and powerful equipment, it not take so long time to thrill a whole on ice for all day fishing and wait for fish to be caught anymore

Ice fishing is the most dangerous way of fishing, the most important priority when ice fishing is safety. Fishermen must remember to follow safe steps to assure that you can protect your self. The thick of ice that safe enough to walk on is 4 inches, most of fishermen stand on the ice just 2 inches thick, that is really dangerous and not recommended. Also, you should get a mobile phone with you, and tell the other where you have ice fishing. And the fishermen should be careful with ice rot at the end of winter, it is warm up, even when the ice is thick enough, it is not safe to stand on Continue reading “Ice fishing – Tips to catch fish all the long winter”

Is it dangerous to catch (or release) a Shark??????

Sharks is the dangerous king of underwater kingdom. Just imagine when you swim near the sharks, what happen in their mind? They may think “Excuse me, that is my world….and I am so happy to swallow you”

In coastal location, sharks are often caught by fisher for commercial purpose. Also, anglers hunt sharks to satisfy their recreation, because there is nothing else in the ocean as difficult to catch as sharks. But the hunters may have lack of knowledge about sharks, too many sharks die unnecessary

Hunting a shark is really incredible experience; and how to catch a big sharks? There are some things you need to know wherever you fish, on the boat or in the ocean; all things should be well repared, especially when you are facing with a shark directly

  • Get the suitable bait:

Hunting sharks often begin with white or blue fish, or another small species of bait fish, and the bait must be fresh. Based on an American fisherman, you can follow the birds catching fish, get your boat into the right area and look for the school of fish. Throw the net to where you think can catch fish, let the net sink deeply into water, then pull up to collect the fresh baits. But this way is not always work Continue reading “Is it dangerous to catch (or release) a Shark??????”

Bass fishing in hot summer

After frozen winter, the temperature definitely heat up and the ice melt, all anglers love this perfect moment because they can have awesome bass fishing on the water, instead of staying in cabin fever. In hot summer, the spawning season begin

When the summer come, the temperature is not stable anymore, it can reach to 100-degree mark. The high temperature heat water, bass fishing will be more difficult. There are some tips to get perfect bass fishing in summer heat

You should change fishing time in the hot summer. Anglers often change to go fishing at night when the temperature already reached the highest level. Remember that bass will swim into shallow water area to feed. It will be very easy to fish big bass, even though you fish near the shore. When the sun is down, anglers can use some tricky tips, especially loud or dark lures

In the day-time, you should try to find places that has shade, such as under big tree, vegetation or docks. Shades in this area can cool down the water temperature at the heat moment of year, make it be more easy to attract bass. The perfect lures are worms, jigs or tubes Continue reading “Bass fishing in hot summer”

3 tips to hunt whitetail deer

In many states of America, there are variety of area where whitetail deers live, many hunter wait for the right season (especially in hot weather) to catch the deer. Their horns are very unique to decorate the living room and show-off the hunter ‘s ability

There are some tips that hunters should consider before whitetail deer hunting

  • You should avoid the mob:

You should not to go hunting with crowed of people, it may annoy the deer, they easily recognize the hunter with very good hearing and hide away. With a few hunters, the whitetail deer can act right and be natural, move in the jungle during all day-light, and it is definitely better for the hunters to shoot bucks

  • Hunting but maintain the amount of deer:

The amount of deer in many area are decrease. The most reason is hunting so much and hunt in winter, when the habitat is less and can not protect or cover the animal. People should organize whitetail deer hunting at the right moment and control your action, please do not over-hunt and try to maintain the amount of deer Continue reading “3 tips to hunt whitetail deer”